Coming soon to Chapel Hill and Wake County!

BRT is coming to the Chapel Hill as part of the North-South Corridor that will connect Southern Village with UNC and continue north along MLK. The study area runs from the Eubanks Road Park & Ride lot (a northern terminus) and the popular Southern Village (the southern terminus) and points in between. The NS BRT with a projected cost of $125 MILLION (8.2 miles @ $15 MILLION per mile) to start service in 2020 with annual operating cost of $3.4 MILLION.

So with BRT, Chapel Hill will get mass public transit sooner (a decade earlier than DOLRT) at fraction of the cost (11% of the cost per mile to build and 12% of the operating cost) with lower local funding requirement due to higher federal grants!  In fact, passengers could ride BRT for ‘fare-free’ and it would still be cheaper (for riders and taxpayers) than DOLRT to operate.

For the same amount of money, we could build 166 miles of BRT (vs 17 miles of DOLRT). Now that would be mass public transit!

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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been implemented in numerous cities across the nation. Below is a partial list under construction:

  1. Wake County, NC – BRT
  2. Chapel Hill, NC – North-South BRT
  3. Bay Area CA – East Bay BRT
  4. Bay Area CA – Santa Clara-Alum Rock BRT
  5. Bay Area CA – Van Ness Avenue BRT
  6. Boston, MA – Silver Line Gateway
  7. Chicago, IL – Central Loop BRT
  8. El Paso, TX – Brio Alameda Corridor
  9. Eugene, OR – West Eugene EmX
  10. Hartford, CT – CT fastrak
  11. Houston, TX – Uptown (Post Oak) BRT
  12. Jacksonville, FL – First Coast Flyer Downtown Phase
  13. Portland, OR – Vancouver Fourth Plain BRT
  14. Salt Lake City, UT – 5600 West BRT Phase 1
  15. Salt Lake City, UT – Provo-Orem BRT
  16. San Diego, CA – South Bay BRT

Below is a partial list of current Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) under development across the nation:

  1. Bay Area CA – Geary BRT
  2. El Paso, TX – Brio Dyer Corridor
  3. El Paso, TX – Brio Montana Corridor
  4. Jacksonville, FL – North Corridor BRT
  5. Jacksonville, FL – Southeast Corridor BRT
  6. Las Vegas, NV – Flamingo Corridor
  7. Omaha, NE – Omaha BRT
  8. Reno, NV – 4th Street/Prater Way RAPID
  9. Richmond, VA – Broad Street BRT
  10. Washington, DC – Corridor Cities Transitway Phase 1
  11. Washington DC – Corridor Cities Transitway Phase 2
  12. Albuquerque NM – Albuquerque Rapid Transit
  13. Bay Area, CA – El Camino Real BRT
  14. Chicago, IL – Ashland Avenue BRT
  15. Columbus, OH – Cleveland Avenue BRT
  16. Lansing, MI – Michigan/Grand Avenue Transit


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